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film pornografici italiani gratis artemisia Love violada por un guardia

film pornografici italiani gratis I knocked on Ella's door, I knew she was home, her brand-new Hummer was parked in the driveway. The door opened, and it wasn't her though. It was Ella's mother. "Hi Mrs. Jenkins.... "I said, giving a weak smile.

"John! Nice to see you, come on in. I'm guessing your here to see Ella. I think she is upstairs with Michael."

Poor Mrs. Jenkins... Oblivious to what they could be doing up there. Suddenly, it angered me as I really realized what they were doing.

"Can I go up?" I asked, trying to hold in my anger. I think I did well, for as much as I had.

"Of course John!" Mrs.jenkins smiled. "Thanks..." Came my reply and I hurried up the stairs. I opened Ella's bedroom door without knocking, to see Michael, fiddling with her bra clip.

Ella still had on her jeans, but her tanktop had been thrown to the ground and she was standing in her lacy black bra. Michael was fully clothed. Like I said, he's a nerd.

"What the hell?" Ella cried. I punched Michael hard, sending him flying. His head hit the wall hard, and I figured he was out. He was.

"Ella...I love you." I said breathlessly. Ella looked shocked.

"John!!!" Ella gasped. I grabbed her bra, solopornoitaliani un-clipping it and throwing it away, hungry for her body. "John.... I don't want this!" She wailed. I knew I had to shut her up since she wasn't going to cooparate.

I grabbed one of her bandanas from her dresser and tied it around her mouth tightly. This was just too easy. As she struggled with me, I stripped us both.

I threw her to the bed, my 8 inch cock erect. film pornografici italiani This was it, I was going to rape her. I tied her arms. She was crying and making strange sobbing noises.

I sucked on her breasts for a bit then moved my lips down to her cunt, it was wet with her liquids. I started to suck their, fingering her at the same time. She was moaning but still crying. Her body enjoyed this, but she wasn't....

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